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10X Red Blood Cell Dissolution Solution

Catalog Size Volume Quantity Concentration Price
YST-0022-01 1 mL 1 mL X 1 vial 1 vial 10X $50.00
YST-0022-02 5 mL 5 mL X 1 vial 1 vial 10X $100.00
YST-0022-03 50 mL 10 mL X 5 vials 5 vials 10X $500.00

Before using peripheral blood or certain lymphoid tissue suspensions for flow cytometric analysis or for in vitro assays, red blood cells (RBC) should be removed. The 10X RBC Lysis Buffer is formulated for optimal lysis of erythrocytes in single-cell suspensions of human peripheral blood and mouse tissue (such as spleen). The buffers contain ammonium chloride, which lyses RBC with minimal effect on leukocytes. When using human peripheral blood for flow cytometric analysis, the RBC lysing step can be incorporated into the staining protocol. All of the RBC lysis reagents are compatible with fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies.


10X RBC Lysis Buffer
buffers contain ammonium chloride
compatible with fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies.

General Information:
Catalog YST-0022
Shelf Life 1 Year
Buffer n/a
Shipping Temperature 4°C
Quality Control Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
Freeze/Thaw Do not freeze.
Regulatory For Research Use Only. Not intended for human or animal diagnostics or therapeutics.
Restrictions This is a limited use product. This product, any material that contains this product in whole or in part, any progeny, modification or derivative of this product, any cell or animal made or modified by using this product, and any progeny, modification or derivative of such cell or animal may not be transferred by the purchaser to any other person, entity or any of the above to perform services for the benefit of any other person or entity or for commercial purpose of any kind. This product may only be used by the purchaser for its internal research for use as a research tool for research purposes.
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